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There are a lot of takeaways now, such as the ultra-thin plastic convenience bags that are used to pack soup and water, but this ultra-thin plastic convenience bag is actually a plastic convenience bag that is officially prohibited by the state! This plastic convenience bag always appears in morning markets or roadside stalls. It is often used to hold hot soybean milk, porridge, steamed bread, fried dough sticks, etc. This practice may cause high temperature and oil to accelerate the plasticizer to dissolve into food.
Moreover, many of these ultra-thin plastic convenience bags are made of waste recycled plastics by small family workshops, which may contain bacteria and harmful toxins. However, we need not be too panic, not all plastic convenience bags are "out of luck" with hot food. Relevant scholars and staff have shared before that as long as the food grade plastic convenience bags meet the national standard, they can hold hot food.
But for all of us, the way to distinguish between food grade and non food grade plastic convenience bag insurance is to carefully look at the label of the bag. What sign? Food grade plastic convenience bags are not only marked with words such as "for food contact" and "for food packaging", but also the name and contact information of the manufacturer and the plastic material.
Jinan convenience bag manufacturers remind you that it is not just plastic convenience bags, but food grade plastic products that meet national standards and pass the inspection should be selected as much as possible in life, especially when heating food.
But there is a problem. With so many plastic products, how do you know which ones can hold heat and which ones cannot? In fact, if you look carefully, plastic products are classified. If you turn over the plastic containers you usually use, you will find that the bottom or side of most containers have such icons below.
No. 1 and No. 6: The heat resistance is relatively poor. Do not load too hot food, let alone heat it directly, and do not use it repeatedly.
No. 3: Plastic used for general plastic pipes.
No. 4: It can withstand the high temperature of about 90 ℃, and can also be well separated from water. It is safe to pack food.
No. 5: It can withstand a high temperature of about 200 ℃ and can be heated in a microwave oven. Repeated heating will not be a problem.
No. 7: Raw materials for most baby bottles. Paper packaging boxes are also popular now, such as pizza, hamburgers and other food packaging will be used.
Of course, the coating inside the barreled instant noodles also makes many people mutter. The plastic film lined with these paper packaging boxes is called polyethylene coating, which is equivalent to the No. 4 material mentioned previously.
Therefore, the use of plastic convenience bags is a test of the quality of the plastic itself. If the takeout person does not know about it and uses unqualified or inappropriate plastic convenience bags, the user will be confused. In the long run, the disease will accumulate day by day, and everyone's health will have hidden dangers. More relevant usage content comes to our website http://bjmj111.com Ask and understand!